We are the first Pan-African organization that offers long distance development in decision-making and managerial skills. The mission of CVPT (Center de Valorisation Professionnelle de Tunis) is to provide e-learning training to African professionals and managers in the fields of commerce, marketing, management, finance, and human resources ….

Through our multidisciplinary training programmes, CVPT offers complete courses in lifelong learning.

Today, CVPT has trained more than 1500 French-speaking executives in 18 African countries, constituting a vast continental network, open to international exchanges. In a world in full digital transformation, CVPT offers an excellent pedagogical method focused on the quality of training, personalised support, innovation and career development in order to accompany its learners towards professional success. Driven by these commitments, the centre delivers learning solutions and online services that allow participants to learn wherever and whenever they want, on computers, tablets and mobiles thanks to its expertise in personalised digital learning.


Our continent is experiencing a new economic revolution that is manifesting in a major digital transformation.

Since the emergence of distance learning, the training sector has been one of the major innovators in this digital transformation. Digital learning offers professionals a new way of learning and developing their knowledge and skills, in line with current digital practices and social change. This fast-growing online learning method also fits the realities of African companies and is an ideal solution for training professionals in the workplace. It allows everyone to study wherever and whenever they want on computers, tablets and smartphones, without time or geographical constraints, and is therefore suitable for all audiences: executives and managers in the private/public sector. As technology advances and digital uses develop, e-learning is constantly being enriched to deliver an evermore complete, personalised and interactive learning experience. 


“The trainers’ mission is to accompany you throughout your training, to follow your progress, to advise you and to evaluate you. ”

When you study online at CVPT, you are not alone behind your computer. You have access to personalised support from your trainers and the administrative staff of the centre throughout your course to lead you to success in your training. The regular individual support of each participant is at the heart of our teaching method based on several principles.

You can contact your trainers through various channels: telephone, email, video conference, Whatsapp, forum and events.

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